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Detect the gender and ethnicity of the detected face. Not only this but you can estimate the age of the person. Extend it with other models for comparison and classification.

Traffic Analyzer

Detect the vehicles, pedestrians, and road signs in a traffic scenic image or video from the stream of data. This model provides the scalability to integrate with other neural networks.

People Segmentation

Experience the real time detection and segmentation of the people in the image or video without any restriction on the movement of people. Highly integration capability with other APIs

Low Light / IR Face Detection

Detect the faces in the image or video even during low light conditions, few scenarios could be like snippets from night or driver cabins and not only this but can be detected from IR cameras.

License Plate Recognition

LPR serves as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), detecting the vehicle and its license plate to extract the license plate number of the vehicles in the move over a time.

People Detection

Locate a person or multiple people in the video feed irrespective of people's positions whether they are standing, sitting, walking etc., in a real time video stream.

Face Detection

Detecting the faces of the people can't be any easier than just with an image or a video. This can be the input to the face identification network even with minimum 30% of face visibility.

Facial Landmarks

Localize human faces and identify 68 key landmarks from an image or video. This methodology plays a key role in understanding the facial features of the person.

Heart Rate Estimation

Estimate the heart rate in beats per minute by detecting a face from a simple RGB channel enabled by the camera, It doesn’t require any special hardware sensors.

Pose Estimation

Track the pose and orientation of a person from an image or video by estimating the spatial positions of body joints such as the elbow, wrists, ankle, shoulder and knees etc.,