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Adams, our computer vision-based product, has the potential to become the game-changer in the field of transportation and driver safety. This revolutionary product can actively assist the motorist by using advanced algorithms to avoid life-threatening accidents in the first place due to any kind of distraction.

We have developed Adams by using sophisticated algorithms and predictive analytics. It is a game-changing product in the fields of transportation and driver safety. As opposed to passive safety mechanisms, such as airbags, shatter-resistant glass, and three-point seatbelts, our product is capable of actively assisting the motorist to avoid an accident in the first place.

Seeing Inside Out - Adams

Adams - Advanced Driver Attention Metrics

Adams is a revolutionary product from TensorGo Technologies. This Advanced Driver Attention Metrics is able to prevent life-threatening consequences caused when the motorist or car driver takes their attention off the road due to any type of distraction while driving.
Driver distraction is a major source of motor-vehicle accidents all over the world. Distracted driving refers to any activity that detracts a driver's attention away from safe driving, including using a mobile phone, fiddling with the navigation or the stereo system, looking sideways, eating, drinking, and so on. Being inattentive while driving can even lead to a life-threatening situation for the motorist.

Presenting Adams, a revolutionary product from TensorGo designed for fulfilling the drivers’ safety requirements. Our state-of-the-art-product averts accidents by detecting signs of distracted driving, such as drowsiness (eyes closed, yawn) and other distractions (mobile phone calls. texts, looking aside/down, applying makeup, drinking, and eating, fiddling with music, and fixing hair).

This advanced software and hardware bundled product is installed on the driver's dashboard. The solution comes in handy for drivers during their short and unnoticed distractions. The product uses advanced algorithms to detect a driver’s distracted activity automatically. It alerts them in real-time when any such undesirable actions happen by closely monitoring the various driver distractions stimuli. Thanks to Adams, drivers can now enjoy a safety net!

Top Features

  • Adams can detect the distracted activity of the driver and analyze it in real-time.
  • It sends an alert to the distracted driver to take appropriate safety actions.
  • This advanced software and hardware bundled product is installed on the dashboard of a car.
  • Installing our product is easy so that the time, cost, and skill level for each install is minimal.

Key Benefits – Infinite Possibilities with Adams

Time has arrived to make your world smarter.

While passive safety equipment has gained popularity in recent times, these are specifically designed to minimize damages if an accident occurs. We now have a product, which can actively assist the motorist to avoid an accident in the first place. Our computer vision-based product uses advanced facial processing techniques to alert a driver if they are distracted while driving.

Adams can detect driver distraction and prevent accidents by alerting the drivers in real-time. Thus, the product also encourages positive driving behavior while reducing collision severity and frequency. Thanks to our complex algorithms and SOTA custom neural networks!

Data collection and interpretation can help insurance companies to customize insurance options and offer customer discounts. The product can help insurers assess how drivers interact with their cars and the road to identify and prevent real-time risky behavior.

Most of the solutions in the market advise the customers to reinvent themselves by purchasing a new camera and hardware but our solution doesn't follow this path. Installing Adams on your vehicle’s dashboard is easy and swift. Our advanced driver attention metrics is also capable of working offline with any custom hardware integration.

As per, in the post-COVID-19 situation, the global emotion detection, and recognition market size is projected to grow from USD 19.5 billion in 2020 to USD 37.1 billion by 2026, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.3% during the forecast period.

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