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Something About Us

The company and the people

TensorGo believes that employees are its biggest asset and the right people add the right value to the company’s growth trajectory. We are constantly seeking bright and curious minds to join our team of innovators and path creators.

If you have the right attitude and passion to think beyond the ordinary, challenge the conventional standard, devise smart solutions and learn on the go, we would like to meet you. nnWe strive to maintain a workplace where employees, cutting across functions and levels, feel welcomed and nurtured despite their differences and individualities.

Life @ TensorGo

Our state-of-the-art office provides a comfortable environment and several fun zones where you can unwind, deliberate and collaborate. You would get the opportunity to work on fascinating national and international projects with some really smart minds. We offer several opportunities for your career development and a work culture that thrives on openness, trust and team spirit. At TensorGo, we promote a flexible work atmosphere that values creativity and commitment over anything else. You can count on constant guidance and support from the experienced leadership, ample recognition for your work and numerous other benefits. We love to:

  • Provide out of the box solutions.
  • Fast track decisions
  • Challenge the traditional ideas.
  • Be your own hero


Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusion and Diversity is part of our intrinsic culture and core values. We welcome and celebrate the uniqueness of people and respect their distinctiveness. At TensorGo, our doors are open for people from diverse cultures, backgrounds and faiths and we firmly believe that this diversity helps in making us more competitive and innovative. A diverse pool of people offers diverse ideas and solutions. Our strong commitment to Inclusion ensures that all employees are given fair and equal treatment. It can be beautifully leveraged to understand the changing needs of society and tap the ever-changing technological paradigm. This ensures that our creativity remains at its peak and we are able to continuously excel and deliver to our clients.
  • Practice Inclusivity
  • Embrace Diversity
  • Promote Equality
  • Inculcate respectfulness

We Are Looking For

Join the awesome team

Experience: 0 to 1 year
Work Location: Hyderabad
Skill Set: Python, CV2, Dlib, Keras, Tensorflow, Pytorch, MxNet and C++

Do you picture yourself solving real world problems using new age AI and Deep Learning models, in order to deliver scalable commercial products.
Are you ready for some path breaking work in the world of Cognitive science?
Are you passionate to create a dent to the world with Innovation? If your answer is Yes, then We are looking for you!!
Our workplace is more like a research lab, where you will get the canvas to paint your original work. Put your passion for data science to play and help in our mission to build easier, intuitive and faster models around us.


  1. Learn to create magic with Machine Learning concepts . The deeper you have the understanding, the better. (Object-Detection, Instance Segmentation, Segmentation, Pose estimation, Dense Pose estimation and parallel processing(GPU) SDKs like CUDA, Cudnn and algorithm optimizations like TensorRT and OpenVino).
  2. Should be having knowledge in both Computer Vision and Deep Learning, where the candidate is able to train algorithms using Deep Learning and generate the results using Computer Vision.
  3. Confident to learn and build Computer Vision applications which are tightly coupled with deep learning.
  4. Ability to understand the concepts and optimization techniques for deploying deep learning models on to the edge devices.
  5. Should understand the crux of the deep learning algorithms and convert it into the problem that will be solved.
  6. Amalgamating two or more models to achieve maximum results.
  7. You will be experimenting new Deep Learning models with various edge devices.

You’ll -

  1. Be self-motivated and an individual contributor with a knack of not giving up.
  2. Contributing with the development team and product managers to proactively understand technical requirements, specifications and use cases.
  3. Be part of agile teams working in an agile environment, ensuring compliance with development methodology and technical processes.
  4. To sum it up - you’ll understand business, formulate problems, extract relevant information, develop models, pilot and A/B test results.

Experience: 5 to 8 Years
Work Location: Hyderabad
Skill Test: Deep Learning at Edge

Fascinated about emerging digital technology to transform business solutions into product and plan your next career move with Shaping a Smarter Tomorrow.

Our Innovation team is already leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data analytics and Visualization and leading-edge robotic automation capabilities to transform solutions to a product.

TensorGo is a product based company that is working on the most advanced technologies related to Computer Vision at edge.


  1. Experience in development and implementation of computer vision products with a large scale data processing / analytics. Should have developed state of art AI/ML and DL application/products.
  2. Experience working on TensorFlow, PyTorch, ONNX, MXNet, Caffe, OpenCV, Keras, CNN, R-CNN, DNN, CuDNN, RNN, Mask R-CNN, YOLO, ResNext, GoogleNet, AlexNet, ResNet. SegNet, VGG Net, etc., Neural networks, frameworks and platforms.
  3. Solid programming skills with Python and C/C++. Good to have MatLAB experience.
  4. Should have used GPU computing (CUDA, OpenCL) and HPC.
  5. Knowledge and experience in using pykafka, kafka broker, various messaging and steaming services.
  6. Hands on experience in developing efficient Computer Vision products.
  7. Should have extensive experience in cloud like AWS/Azure and Google.
  8. Implementation of research papers at the expected level of quality.
  9. Experience in using the dockerized container with micro services for deploying the applications.
  10. Experience in using the NoSQL databases.
  11. Ability to optimize the models to TensorRT and publishing for various edge devices.
  12. Hands-on experience in using and deploying optimized models for NVIDIA - Jetson Nano, TX1, TX2, Xavier NX, AGX Xavier and Raspberry Pi, other edge devices with DeepStream, GStream etc.
  13. Experience with Samsung Neural is an advantage.

You’ll -

  1. Own the product development milestone, ensure delivery to the architecture and identify challenges.
  2. Drive innovation in the product catering to successful initiatives and engineering best practices to be followed by core product development teams in the company.
  3. Developing, porting and optimizing computer vision algorithms and data structures on proprietary cores; Perhaps using design, implement, validate, and release applications.
  4. Involved in research and development effort of advanced product-critical computer vision components covering key product critical perception features such as feature extraction, tracking objects, sensor calibration.
  5. Solid foundation in computer vision: photogrammetry, multi-view geometry, visual SLAM, detection and recognition, 3D reconstruction.
  6. Write maintainable, reusable code, leveraging test-driven principles to develop high- quality computer vision and machine learning modules.
  7. Visualization and solid understanding of deep neural networks.
  8. Experience with object detection, tracking, classification, recognition, scene understanding.
  9. Excellent knowledge on any/all of the given concepts in Computer Vision - namely image classification, object detection and semantic segmentation developed using state of the art deep learning algorithms
  10. Experience/exposure to usage of open source technologies.
  11. Experience in owning technical architecture of the products, planning roadmaps & technically managing the team.
  12. Evaluate and advise on new technologies, vendors, products and competitors.
  13. Initiative and the ability to work independently and in a team.
  14. Must have managed teams but at the same time be a hands-on technology person.

Experience: 3 to 6 Years
Work Location: Hyderabad
Skill Test: Strategic thinking, Conducting UAT, Adept across product development, Prepare SRS and Construe to developers.

You are exceptional at requirements gathering, analysis, evaluating output requirements and have successfully demonstrated winning customer engagements. You can expertly structure conversations with the client in a way that the company’s product is considered the best one.

You can sail through complex business situations through your strategic thinking and intellectual quickness. We are working towards creating solutions that help shape a smarter world and need passionate people to join our team. Please send your resume to us at the earliest if you find the role exciting.


  1. Proven record in business analysis, including requirement gathering and documenting business requirements, functional specifications and test scenarios.
  2. You can effectively analyze requirements, construct workflow charts and diagrams.
  3. Possess experience working according to a project plan and delivering technology solutions
  4. You hold a sound understanding of the product life cycle and can work independently with other stakeholders.
  5. Well versed with preparing the specification document and explaining the requirements to developers.
  6. Good to define project requirements by identifying project milestones, phases, and elements, forming project teams, establishing project budget.
  7. Adept in getting the user acceptance tests conducted and evaluating output.
  8. Successfully monitor project progress by tracking activity; resolving problems; publishing progress reports; recommending actions.
  9. Get the project executed (by holding meetings to deliberate on solving specific problems, identify risks and manage technology-related restrictions).
  10. Proficient in identifying the change request, communicate on time and propose the plan.
  11. Holds experience working in product based organizations.
  12. Excellent communicator and influencer, able to build relationships with colleagues at all levels from a range of departments, business areas and cultures.

You’ll -

  1. Work closely with the delivery and sales team in the area of product suitability and service delivery expectations.
  2. Analyse the changes proposed by the business team and perform necessary impact analysis.
  3. Discuss and document requirements with stakeholders and subject matter experts.
  4. Translate business requirements into technical requirements / change requests, document and work with stakeholders.
  5. Articulate (through written submissions and oral presentations) solutions/products to both technical and non-technical customers.
  6. Maintain thorough knowledge of the company’s products, service offerings and methodologies.
  7. Work with the product development teams to capture new customer requirements and develop and expand the product portfolio.
  8. Represent the company in a professional manner and build good relationships with clients to the company’s benefit
  9. Provide accurate and timely management information, to include - activity reports, bid reviews, project forecasts, KPI’s.
  10. Adhere to the company’s quality and business processes.

Experience: 2 to 6 years
Work Location: Hyderabad
Skill Set: Python, R, Scala , MySQL

Are you ready for some path breaking work in the world of Cognitive science? Is your heart set in the world of AI/ML/DL and you get a kick out of creating new age algorithm solutions? Our workplace is more like a research lab, where you will get the canvas to paint your original work. Put your passion for data science to play and help in our mission to build easier, intuitive and faster models around us.


  1. Can create magic with Machine Learning Concepts. The deeper you have the understanding, the better for us. (SVM, Random Forests, Logistic Regression, Bagging and Boosting, Linear and Nonlinear models, Bayesian theory, Recommendation systems etc.)
  2. Are in sync with classic Machine Learning (such as Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, Random Forest, Bagging and Boosting).
  3. Carry a knack for NLP, NN and Computer Vision (Open CV, Keras, Pytorch, Tensor Flow)
  4. A boss when it comes to programming languages - Python/R.
  5. Have the chops for SQL/MySQL.
  6. Love to play around with visualization tools like R-Shiny/Matplotlib.
  7. Have, in the past, developed ML models at scale and taken them into the production environment.


  1. Develop code in Python/R/Scala using distributed scalable software and services using machine learning techniques.
  2. Contribute to the development of our data pipelines by implementing novel ML algorithms for retrieving, analyzing and visualizing data.
  3. Help extract useful statistics and data to build predictive algorithms.
  4. Will drive decision making in the predictive recommendations by applying statistical analysis on data.
  5. Implement scalable tools based on forecasting models for predictive issues.
  6. Create visualization to communicate data in a meaningful and actionable manner.
  7. Will be applying machine learning algorithms to forecast.
  8. To sum it up- you’ll understand business, formulate problems, extract relevant information, develop models, pilot and A/B test results.

Experience: 5 to 8 Years
Work Location: Hyderabad
Skill Test: AngularJS, Ember JS, NodeJS, Python, API,

If you have it in you to build dynamic web architecture, APIs and databases in a stimulating, fast-paced environment, then please give us a shout out. You will be a part of an extremely passionate team at TensorGo that is researching and creating smart solutions based on next-gen cognitive technologies.

You will get a chance to work on exciting projects at our state-of-the-art office, grow along with the company and be fruitfully rewarded for your efforts!


  1. Must have several years of experience in a technical consulting role.
  2. Experience in web development of Single Page Applications (Angular JS or Ember JS, etc…).
  3. Proficient in Object Oriented Programming.
  4. Experience in performing SQL queries on a RDMS especially in MySQL.
  5. Experience with Networking Concepts.BS in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.
  6. Good at API integration, debugging and fixing the issues with API.
  7. Good at Python scripting & Node JS.

You’ll -

  1. Understand our client’s infrastructure and technical environment to provide best of breed technical consulting services.
  2. Diligently monitor, optimize and report on integration and deployment performance for key accounts against KPIs, with proactive cross functional and internal communication on customer deployments.
  3. Regular consultation with cross functional teams on account deployments to ensure optimal performance and delivery of media and data portfolio
  4. Handle technical troubleshooting.

Experience: 6 to 8 Years
Work Location: Hyderabad
Skill Set: Product Management, Product Strategy, SaaS based product offering and Understand Complexities.

If you can play a proactive role in product strategy, planning and design to ensure the product is differentiated and competitive in the market, get involved with the product throughout all stages of its life cycle, create and maintaining a backlog of work for each product manager, create business plans, and demo these product ideas to senior management, and take responsibility to work cross-functionally with teams to support in best possible manner, then we are looking for you.


  1. Define product roadmap and fit features into it based upon the market need.
  2. Setting expectations for delivery of new functionalities and participating in the creation of product release plans.
  3. Active contribution towards definition of the product vision, roadmap and growth opportunities by working along with product management.
  4. Can work with internal and external customers to elicit workflows, software product requirements for Computer Vision, AI based products.
  5. Ability to work closely with our solution architects to understand and shape the technical solutions into the product.
  6. Effectively manage Technical Product Backlog based on Epic Owners feedback and business priority as communicated by the Portfolio Product Manager.
  7. Actively participate in product backlog grooming sessions, retrospectives, defect management and project teams release planning sessions.
  8. Confidently work and provide technical product requirements to Agile scrum teams and drive technical product delivery.
  9. Build-up of deep product knowledge, technical knowledge, understand complexities of solution and dependencies with other products.
  10. Holds experience working in product based organizations.

You’ll -

  1. Harness market and technology knowledge to strategize and present vision to business and technology stakeholders.
  2. Understand product strategy and assess feature development requirements, prioritize to align and focus the agile scrum teams for maximum value creation.
  3. Manage product backlog. Ensure that the scrum teams always have adequate backlog to work on; Play a leadership role in scrum teams.
  4. Write clear, compelling and detailed (technical) user epics and stories with user acceptance criteria.
  5. Manage and prioritize feature iterations to make trade-offs affecting schedule, cost, quality and customer expectations.
  6. Provide an active role in mitigating impediments impacting successful completion of Release/Sprint goals.
  7. Keep abreast with Agile/Scrum best practices and new trends.

Experience: 5+ Years
Work Location: Hyderabad
Timings: Flexible to work in PST / EST time zones as per the requirement
Skill Set: Data Analytics, Data Visualization tools like Power BI, Tableau, Qlikview, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning

You have proven your zeal for end-to-end data analysis and thrive on the opportunity to measure, publish dashboards, track and document the outcomes. Your ability to tackle business problems head on, in order to execute dynamic and smart solutions is what sets you apart. We are looking to tap your acumen in our quest to build the best Business Intelligence and Data Analytics team. Please send your resume to us at the earliest if you think you fit the image perfectly.


  1. You have the necessary skills in design, development and maintenance of Business Intelligence, Data application, Analytics solutions and System Implementation.
  2. You are a pro with Data Visualization and have experience in developing and publishing Dashboards with one or more Data Visualization tools such as MS Power BI, Tableau, QlikView etc.
  3. You are proud of your knowledge in SQL (queries and tools) with Google Big Query Experience being a plus
  4. You are accomplished at using advanced calculations using Tableau Desktop Aggregate, Date, Logical, String, Table, LOD (Level of Detail) Expressions
  5. You have consummate skills in gathering and translating end-user requirements into efficient dashboards, while working in a fast-paced, dynamic and agile development life cycle.
  6. You are adept at creating joins with custom SQL blending data from different data sources using Tableau Desktop incorporating its functionalities and capabilities
  7. You are well versed with statistical techniques such as Regression, Clustering & Time Series Forecasting etc.
  8. You have worked on Machine Learning Tools and Framework eg: Python, TensorFlow, etc
  9. You are at home with RDBMS for data extraction/read/write and understand Data Warehouse fundamentals (architectural layers & schema types). Familiarity with big data technologies (COSMOS, Hadoop, MapReduce) is an advantage.
  10. You know your way around Database Management Systems
  11. You can pay attention to detail with self-discipline and a drive for results
  12. You carry demonstrated ability to work in ambiguous situations and across organizational boundaries.
  13. You have excellent written and oral communication skills, particularly strong reporting skills that enable you to collect and work on large datasets to find patterns and to provide rich insights out of it
  14. You are hands on with Google Spreadsheets, Google Studio, MS Office
  15. It will help if you have domain knowledge in Travel/ Digital Marketing Industry
  16. Project Management knowledge and certifications in the area of Business Analysis/ Project Management / Business Intelligence is a Plus


  1. Work with teams & clients to solve business / technical problems
  2. Brainstorm with clients and internal teams to define a problem
  3. Translate the business problem into an analytical problem
  4. Identify internal and external data requirements to solve the analytical problems
  5. Solve the analytical problem using concepts from mathematics and statistics
  6. Be the point of contact for both the operations team and client stakeholders for all reporting needs
  7. Recommend and layout plan for Automation Opportunities
  8. Create business solutions and artifacts for clients using dashboards, power point slides, excel sheets etc.
  9. Understand the challenges faced by our clients in the context of their business and industry
  10. Provide thought leadership to business problems
  11. Be a team player and ensure smooth deliverables
  12. Prepare end user documentation and facilitate end user training
  13. Review Test Cases, providing feedback/approval, coordinating testing efforts
  14. Develop conceptual modeling and process workflows to illustrate current and future states
  15. Analyze current processes to identify gaps and improvement opportunities and solutions

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