Spearheading the squad of innovators with virtues of passion and commitment.

The TensorGo leadership is made up of mature and experienced mentors who guide the team with their skilled insight, problem solving abilities and dedicated supervision.

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Srinivas Chilukuri


Our founder Srini Chilukuri, a serial entrepreneur, is an expert in the areas of Cognitive Science, IoT, Smart Cities and Digital Gaming. He comes with several years of experience in technological innovation and has mentored innumerable start-ups. Recognized as a turnaround growth specialist, he has been the driving force behind generating $400M in new revenues and over $180M in cost savings during his career.

His leadership style is punctuated with high integrity, perfect entrepreneurial strategy, effective communication and a client-centric approach. He carries an encyclopedic understanding of the theory and practice of next-gen technology, business management and M&A's.

Challenging frontiers with trailblazing innovations while building great companies is the hallmark of TensorGo leadership. A good leadership fuels the company with inspiration and motivation to be the best. It steers the team with characteristics of integrity, vision, courage, humility and the passion to succeed.

Our core leadership has experienced strategists and gurus who don the hat of affectionate mentors while creating world class teams and don’t hesitate to pull out all the stops while catering to the needs of clients with the best that technology has to offer.


Effective leadership incorporates the charisma to lead change, nurture talent, share future visions and drive growth.

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"Great leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality."

Towards earnestly meeting goals and accomplishing targets.

Ground breaking projects and charting new territories with confidence.

To work smarter with sincerity and commitment to succeed

Make life easier through data and new age technology at fingertip.