TensorGo Software is a leading company in cognitive business space with various aspects of computer vision technology. We build a smarter world where self learning systems and data powered models combine with human intelligence to make every day life easier, safer, well-defined and advantageous.

Taking human potential to new heights.

Be part of the

Fascinating World

with advanced emotions, heart rate, respiration rate, head and eye gaze, age, gender, ethnicity etc.,

Introducing AGaze for precise

Aerial Imagery Analysis

in a multitude by segmenting water, roads, buildings, trees etc.,

Furthering our effort to transform and simplify the world around us.

DIY - Three Step Process

Build futuristic products

Businesses across the world are looking at increased automation of their workflows to cut down cost, optimize processes and channelise their energies towards more productive tasks while overcoming the challenges related to custom neural networks, talent, datasets and infra. A platform like TGP is a wonderful resource for digitisation of business workflow, faster processing, accurate results and precise analysis.


Define and Design Your Use-Case

Once your use-case is ready contact us to discuss the various options to add a value to your requirement. We suggest the best possible way to achieve your results with low cost and best of the performance.

Integrate With Your Framework

Find the best possible APIs listed in our vision gallery that goes well with your use case and integrate it with your existing applications. If you can't find one then just let us know we will build it for you at no cost.

Product Launch and Updates

You have two options - use your existing frameworks or use our interfaces to build the whole smart product of your choice in no time and just launch it, updates are on us. Hurry! Building deep learning products are that easy.

By 2025

Computer Vision

*Source - Combined

By 2026

Only Emotion Detection and Recognition

*Source - Markets and Markets

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TensorGo Enterprise Grade Platform

Scalable deep learning AI platform for computer vision use cases

Keeping the transformational potential of Artificial Intelligence in mind, TensorGo Software has come up with a sophisticated and highly advanced Deep Learning based Computer Vision Platform that is a powerful tool for enabling business efficiency through automation and innovation. TG Platform provides a rich set of Cognitive services for enterprises to gain the competitive advantage needed in the 21st century.

Salient Features
The state-of-the-art TG platform can be used by data scientists, developers, business analysts, engineers and end users to build intelligent applications, and successfully automate business processes.
Choose from State-of-the-art pre-trained AI models for Facial Analytics, Demographics, Pose Estimation, Heart Rate Estimation, Object Detection, understanding Satellite Imagery etc.
Enterprise Grade
Enterprises can utilize the platform's scalable analytics engine to gain more insights and build turnkey solutions.
Do It Yourself (DIY)
Bring your own model and deploy it effortlessly on the platform to infer in real time.
Customization At The Go
Build your custom applications by interacting with pre-trained models through API and do analytics on premises.
Multidimensional Media
Platform can ingest streaming videos from cameras and also files from object storage. Makes sense (search, sort and organize) of unstructured video and image data.

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