TensorGo - Shaping a Smarter Tomorrow

With our cutting edge technology services, we transform customer experiences and enhance business processes making them more intelligent, intuitive and simplified.


Our metacognitive products are custom built to solve complex localized problems and enhance value propositions.


Our solutions are robustly designed using the latest data driven technologies and skilled in-house expertise to meet all your needs.


Our Innovation revolves around in-depth exploration, fostering operational excellence and maximizing productivity.

AI MV - 2022

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IoT MV - 2021

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CV MV - 2023

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RPA Rev - 2019

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*Forecast by Gartner

What Makes TensorGo Different?

TensorGo technologies is a leading company in cognitive business space and a front running consultant in various aspects of computer technology. We want to build a smarter world where self learning systems and data powered models combine with human intelligence to make every day life easier, safer, well-defined and advantageous.

Inspired by the multi-dimensional mathematical object Tensor, we dynamically utilize our resources to tap on the latest disruptive technologies and harness them to create out-of-the-box solutions.

Key Offerings


Employing sophisticated algorithms and predictive analysis to come up with intelligent systems that mimic the human brain, our cognitive solutions are truly game changing. The latest AI/ML/DL and RPA enables faster decision making, increased productivity, business process automation and anomaly detection.

Augmented Intelligence

Capitalizing on a wide range of possibilities that exist in the realm of AI, we develop cutting edge solutions that enhance human capabilities and build a smarter world. Our team banks on predictive analysis and intense data management to understand complex systems and come up with innovative models on automation.

Internet of Things

The need for advanced analytics and automation of businesses is spurring the growth of IoT. Our team of IoT experts come with the necessary skill set to develop smart appliances, sensors, wearables and monitoring devices to ease everyday challenges related to our environment making a safe and secure planet.

Software Development

We offer end-to-end software development services which are customized to suit your needs. We oversee the entire cycle of software development from requirement gathering to design, development, testing and deployment. To serve you best, we utilize the latest technology platforms in business such as MS Stack, Open Stack and Cloud.


Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) products deliver excellent and efficient alternative to paper manuals with their ease-of-use, cross-referencing capabilities and digital portability. Our team of experts author or convert technical data into an interactive format. We are specialized to transform the legacy and paper-based manuals to IETMs.

Technology Consulting

We employ in-house technical expertise, domain knowledge and comprehensive end-to-end services to help businesses optimize their operations and earn value from their investments. Several companies have already benefited from our skilled insight and visionary recommendations.

Case Studies

  • Security – Video Analytics

    London Olympics

    Video analytics is the practice of using software and AI algorithms to detect, classify, and track objects or persons. The application of video analytics is making video security systems smarter and more streamlined than ever. It can report people count and monitor suspicious behavior in the crowd. Our smart security Video Analytics is capable enough to tag the person, along with the object count which the person was carrying and also maintain the route on which the person moved. Our intelligent system can easily detect and alert if the person left an object unattended. The alert will be generated based on the unattended time duration and person moving away a distance.

    We are privileged that our Security Video Analytics system was implemented in London Olympics.

    Intelligent video motion
    Crowd count & behavior
    Interference & tracking
    Object drop & life

  • Asset Management System

    Internet of Things

    Smart Asset Management solution provides an integrated view of your assets and their performance, helping you to maximize asset ROI, extend asset life, reduce life-cycle costs, and lower maintenance costs. The solution provides better tracking and efficient management of the assets that are critical to your organizational success. Smart Asset Management also provides comprehensive dashboards visualization.

    Our in-depth understanding of asset management for many sectors, and strong technical and domain expertise means we can deliver these benefits:

    A unified view of asset data to drive informed decision-making and significant improvement in overall asset availability and increase in revenues Improved asset performance and productivity.

    Asset compliance & monitoring
    Asset failure prediction
    Prioritized maintenance costs
    Optimized downtime's

  • Ad Robot

    Robotic Process Automation

    Ad Robot is built to take a screenshot of the Ad’s real time view in the targeted website for Ad Operations. With Ad Robot, we provided a smart solution to our clients and it helped to automate their screenshot process in a few seconds with a simple configuration file.

    This made a huge impact on their investment within no time. By automating the process of documenting campaigns, they were able to save hundreds of work hours every month.

    Ad Robot is easy to setup with a seamless integration to Ad Manager requiring no custom integration or scripts or code in the Ad Manager. It will also help us to document the screenshot in the required format like DOC, PPT and PDF and send it back as an email.

    One click solution
    Easy integration
    Huge savings on cost and time

  • Footfall Analysis System

    Crowd Analytics

    Based on the given footfall of the place, our analytics system generates the advisory dashboard to optimize public need based on asset, usage and time. Our Footfall Analysis system helped Guildford- a large town in England to plan the traffic, arrange public transport and optimize the route. This footfall analysis system can be used in Retail domain as well to improve sales performance.

    Benefits of footfall analysis:
    1. Boost asset productivity and identify the need.
    2. Improve performance by identifying weaker performing asset & alert system for the public.
    3. Boost ROI by monitoring the success of implementation.
    4. Gain a deeper insight by reviews in usage & the consequences of fluctuating footfall levels.
    5. Make instant operational changes with real-time traffic data to boost convenience & commute.
    6. Instant access to accurate and reliable data for confident decision-making.

    Asset Productivity
    Deeper insights
    Boost ROI