Custom built software that adds value to your business.

We develop rich and best quality software for a diverse pool of clientele. Our team of experts are with you round the clock for guidance and support.

Our Software Development

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Backed by years of in-depth experience, we offer end-to-end software development services which are customized to suit your needs.
We take care of the entire cycle of software development from requirement gathering to design, development, testing and deployment.
Our highly skilled developers create niche software solutions for a diverse variety of clients, with a commitment towards speed, quality and accuracy. Our future ready approach ensures that we are in tune with industry trends and are prepared to draft the best and most innovative model to match your requirement.


Reliable product development and shorter delivery cycles executed.

Emerging Technology

Comprehensive mobile Integration and latest technology amalgamation.

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Customized solutions to match your need, served with high quality and speed.

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the highest standard, custom built software that we develop for Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Quality Engineering, DevOps, and Cloud computing adopting the below technologies.

Microsoft Full Stack

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Microsoft Stack, comprising layered structures of different components, provides multidimensional stack solutions right from .NET to Azure. It has powerful tools to set up a whole pipeline of software solutions.

We use a range of Microsoft applications such as CRM, .NET, Azure, Sharepoint development platform to create customized software solutions. We have skilled developers who have professionally delivered small and large-scale projects using MS stack across all applications.

Open Source Full Stack

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If a program is open-source, its source code is freely available to the user for further use, modification and distribution. The main purpose of using Open Source Technology and building business solutions around freeware is to achieve maximum returns on low investment.

There are a number of open source tools and software's available in the market that can be leveraged by businesses such as J2EE and Micro Services, Android, PHP, Ruby, Python, Node JS, React JS and MySQL.

At TensorGo, We are committed to utilizing the power of cloud services to the best use of our clients. Our team develops the latest open source software solutions on various available cloud platforms, to help companies scale up their operations in the most economical way.

Cloud Offerings

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We offer safe, secure and low cost cloud services through platforms that power millions of businesses around the world. Our developers are skilled to host websites while running servers in the cloud. The cloud can also be efficiently used to safely store all your files.

Our modern and flexible cloud offerings help lower your operating costs, scale up your productivity and ensures that your data and infrastructure is completely protected. We work with trusted partners to offer robust, reliable and adaptable virtual hosting and maintenance solutions. You can free yourself from traditional software requirements as you leverage the benefits of cloud computing.