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Give your business a competitive advantage with our futuristic cognitive platform.

Made for the real world, our meticulously crafted platform is dependable, accurate, intelligent and adaptable to suit your needs.

What Sets It Apart

TensorGo platform

The TensorGo Platform [TGP] is a highly accurate, deep learning, multi-dimensional platform architected to rapidly detect faces, objects and make precise recommendations via pose estimations, predictions through inbuilt algorithms and projections over analytics dashboard, speak and text recognition through NLP and Augmenting the XR world with intelligence. It is a high performance and economically scalable neural network platform that can save both cost and time.
Our platform is capable enough to be a Recommendation engine, Digital Image processor, conduct Data scraping, Predictive Analytics, Data visualization, Speech process, Pattern matching and Data analytics. Our future-ready Cognitive Platform opens the doors for exciting business opportunities even as our team enables continuous and speedy enterprise platform transformation by building layers of plugins on top of the core platform.

TGP is optimized for end-to-end performance. It is architected to distribute the workload in a cost-efficient way. While most other solutions require full video to be uploaded to the cloud incurring significant bandwidth costs and costly overhead, TGP employs a hybrid architecture, whereby the detection and tracking in live video happens at the edge, while the database matching and recognition occurs on the server, which can be live on-premises or in the cloud. Connections to the Server in the cloud can happen over bandwidth as thin as a 3G connection.

TGP is ideally suited for real-world use cases where high performance, dependable, highly accurate, the industrial-grade cognitive model is required. Our platform has the below modules and can further be scaled.


Face Recognition and Identification

Unlike other facial identification systems that are trained on mug shots or visa photos, TGP was designed to address the more challenging problem of recognizing ‘faces in the wild’ viz. faces in motion, under poor lighting conditions, misaligned, or partially obscured.

Object Detection and Segmentation

Ours is a state of the art recognition system which can detect objects precisely. Using computer vision and image processing, our complex algorithms can localize and identify objects- right from a computer micro transistor to a complex tumor in the human brain.

Pose Recognition and Estimation

This system identifies human position and orientation on an accurate scale using the techniques of Open pose and Dense pose. Our platform achieved exceptional accuracy using real images versus simulated images.


Natural Language Processing

Our platform delivers solutions that understands and interprets what users speak and write, and takes necessary actions via natural language processing. Integration with Alexa and Cortana makes it stand out of the crowd.

Advanced Analytics and Predictions

Through dashboard analytics, even a common man can understand the precision of the inferred algorithms. The data which is collected from the inference is processed, generalized and beautified to project on the dashboard screen with predictions.

Augmented Intelligence for XR

Optimize decision making at each level and across functions of the organization. It has entirely new class of decision support solution for the next generation. Can leverage the power of human-centric and explainable AI.

Highly Customizable

Built with vision

TGP is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s built for real-world conditions. Different environments, policies, hardware systems, and applications necessitate different requirements. TGP is architected to be flexible. It can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Developers and system integrators can build custom solutions with the TGP RESTful API’s which provide access to an array of functions, events, metadata, and configuration settings.

The full range of TGP capabilities are available to build custom applications, integrate into existing systems, connect hardware and IOT devices, create custom actions based on recognition events, and to export data for insights and reports.

Advantages of TensorGo Platform

Innovation at edge

TGP is designed to connect, adapt, and extend to different environments, specialized applications, existing hardware, or custom integrations. A wide range of use cases can benefit from TGP. Secure access, door lock activation, event and venue monitoring, school safety, camera integration, retail insights and physical space analytics are just some of the areas where TGP can add real value.

  • Plug and play with any application using a great interface layer.
  • Service layer gives us the flexibility to handshake with third party system as well as to consume and produce data by just an API call.
  • Platform will work with any operation system as long as it meets the minimum requirement of GPU via configuration layer.
  • Data import & export, data collection, data transformation and data load can be done with any latest storage system through data layer.
  • Our rich presentation layer enables the customer to get a view in Desktop, Laptop, Mobile and Tab without any issues.
  • Visualization layer provides an immersive experience to the viewer!
  • Our no/low code platform is more focused on general challenges as a base and our custom plugins are more focused on specific features. This will give more flexibility to the user to configure the modules based on the need. And it is easy to customize the specific plugin without any impact on the core platform.
  • Flexible architecture supports advanced use cases in highly differentiated environments.
  • A comprehensive cross industry/domain integration platform allows users to take to edge level.
  • Pick and choose the features and build or order to the "n" service.

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Only the facial recognition market is set to be worth almost $6.84 billion over the next two years. Up your game and redefine the way you work with our revolutionary product.