Zealously looking ahead to break technological barriers.

Using the combined strength of innovation, research and experience, we are working hard to harness the power of data and technology in order to build a smart tomorrow.

About Our Company

Shaping a smarter tomorrow!

With our powerful and enterprise ready solutions years ahead in the game, we make future happen at TensorGo.
The company is a leader in Cognitive and Emerging Technologies Business (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Augmented Intelligence, XR, Robotic Process Automation, Internet of Things, Cloud, Data and Application Integration) and carries comprehensive expertise in Microsoft Stack Development, Custom Development and Technology Consulting.
Our products and solutions are created by expert personnel using the latest technological designs and models that cater to a wide range of industries. Our fundamental goal is to help companies scale up their businesses, improve their processes, bring down costs and enhance their customer engagement in the most efficient way.

The breakthroughs in the world of technology are spurring new demand for predictive analytics, business automation and integrated data management. We help you stay abreast with the latest technological progress and innovation with our next-gen customized solutions. Whatever may be the scale and complexity of your business, you can count on our expertise to build intelligent systems and drive speedy transformation.

Consistent growth comes from change and innovation. The changing paradigms of technology today are preparing the ground for a bright and fascinating future. I'm excited about working on transformational ideas that turn into prolific experiences.Srini Chilukuri, Founder
TensorGo Technologies

About Our Customers

Always at our best

With our customer centric approach, we strive to provide tailor made
solutions executed with precision and excellence. Our customers rely on
our professionalism and attention to detail. Their trust in our capability keeps us going.

Our architecture uniquely positions us to take advantage of constant innovation in data, processing and cognitive technologies. Our clients include some of the most prestigious names in Financial, Retail, Education, IT, ITES, Media and Entertainment sectors. We proudly offer the fastest and most scalable data integration and augmented intelligence platform in the industry, enabling our clients to boost their productivity and raise revenues.