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SOTA Emotional intelligence System

We understand the enormous potential of Computer Vision technology and have utilized it to read emotions, gestures, facial expressions, eyeball movement, language use and voice tone in order to arrive at a definitive conclusion about a person’s emotional state. TensorGo, State-Of-The-Art Neural Networks, goes beyond the traditional emotions to learn more about humans with the combination of physiological parameters.
Emotion AI involves the study and analysis of human emotions making use of technologies including facial recognition, speech and voice recognition, pattern recognition and machine learning. Our Emotional Intelligence System can successfully recognize a range of basic and advanced human emotions including love, anger, disgust, fear, contempt, joy, sadness and surprise in a person in addition to heart rate, age, gender, lie detection, etc. We utilize facial landmarks to extract complex action units, to understand and analyze all sorts of emotions.

Our state-of-the-art Deep Learning models are capable of regressing and distinguishing between human emotions. Through layered datasets and pattern analysis, the model learns to identify which facial features are relevant for the detection of a specific emotion. EmYt offers edge level competency with instant alerts and information through real time dashboard and analytics.

With the help of deep learning algorithms and complex data analysis, we enable machines to detect and appropriately interpret verbal and non-verbal signals from a subject. We build smart machines and intelligent apps through complex algorithms and rigorous data analysis. Our world class Metacognitive solutions - from machine learning to natural language processing - are perceptive, intuitive, problem solving and game changing.

  • Realtime emotions detection.
  • Identify various physiological parameters like heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate and many more on the go.
  • Extensions to various medical conditions.
  • Multiple model algorithms at speed.
  • Gaze the head postures.
  • Eye gaze to detect the direction of the vision.
  • Setting up meaningful interactions
  • Get results with API calls.

Infinite Possibilities With New Learning

Time has arrived to makes your world smarter

Emotional Intelligence System is the next level of human-machine communication - an idea whose time has arrived. The technology can be applied in a large number of sectors and verticals including Media, Retail, Brand Testing, Automotive and Advertising with benefits such as improved marketing capabilities, personalised user experiences and strengthened customer relationships. The major factors driving the market growth include the rising need for accretion of speech-based emotion detection systems to analyze emotional states, adoption of IoT, AI, ML, and Deep Learning technologies across the globe, growing demand in the Automotive AI industry, growing need for high operational excellence, and rising need for socially intelligent artificial agents.

Emotion AI can be applied in so many different fields leading to unprecedented positive outcomes and high dividends. Some of the prominent verticals are:

Security and fraud detection in the insurance and banking industry can be easily facilitated by measuring facial expressions. Facial identification, age and gender detection, ethnicity and multi-face detection are tools for detecting fraud and cases of identity theft, access control, payment verification, interviews, etc.

With the help of emotion recognition, technology enabled cars can detect if the driver is getting tired, drowsy or distracted. Prevention of such errors and timely alerts given to drivers can save numerous fatal road accidents and casualties.

The feelings and intentions of customers while shopping can be better understood, helping retailers to adjust product and brand placement. Emotional data elevates customer engagement to a personalized level, making it a win-win situation for all.

Emotion analytics can open up the pathway for the TV/Music industry to develop personalized content for viewers. The response of viewers to a particular show or film can also be accurately judged. Besides, gaming consoles can analyse facial expressions to detect emotions and adapt accordingly.

Emotional AI can effectively detect joy, boredom, irritation, frustration in students while learning a particular concept and open up avenues for education that's more in line with students requirements. It can also help develop learning tools for autistic children.

Emotion analysis can help a great deal in diagnosing and treating people with mental health issues including depression and dementia. Aspects related to overall patient care gets easier with facial emotion analysis as well.

As per, in the post COVID-19 scenario, the global emotion detection and recognition market size is projected to grow from USD 19.5 billion in 2020 to USD 37.1 billion by 2026, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.3% during the forecast period.

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