Innovate and explore today to create an impact for our customers tomorrow!

We provide expertise and solutions in next generation technologies such as artificial intelligence, custom neural network and advanced analytics to enrich the experience of our customers and set examples in the industry.

Research and Innovation

We constantly improve our know how

TensorGo is convinced that emerging technologies drive future capabilities. By investing in new solutions, we increase the efficiency and sustainability of our operations, reducing both time and cost for our customers. Our research and innovation revolves around in-depth exploration, fostering operational excellence and maximizing productivity.








Next Gen





We Believe In

Innovation drives change.

Identify gaps and opportunity to leverage change.

Work together in harmony to foster better productivity.

Deliver the goals flawlessly and expeditiously.

Technology is a fast moving, ever changing, exciting world. There are myriad possibilities waiting to be explored. Our research capabilities ensure that we delve deep into the world of emerging technologies to come up with pioneering results. Our research lab is an incubator of ideas and propositions where bright minds blend their intuitive thinking with precise mathematical skills.

Through Innovation, we create immersive experiences for our customers involving smart use of new technologies and advanced analytics. We are constantly trying to develop unique products that disrupt the market by changing the status quo and build smart solutions. With our ambitious and alternative thinking, we provide impetus to productivity and edge out our competitors.

Center of Excellence

Acquiring best-in-class practices.

Key Benefits

  • Works on the principles of Diversity and Inclusion to devise a strategic road map for organizational growth.
  • Driving the culture building exercise and playing a critical role in strategizing, learning & development interventions. This strengthens the organizational capability.
  • Ensure functional capability framework is implemented and proper tracking is done to map ROI for the functions.
  • Collaborate with the leadership team on the formulation of key strategies by anticipating TM issues and devise solutions as appropriate.

Operational Excellence

Supervise and ensure tasks performed are according to service level agreements (SLA) and pre-defined accuracy levels whilst maintaining high team morale.

Fostering Productivity

Leading & driving performance management process with a focus on consistent implementation and capability building.

TensorGo CoE

The incubator for company’s operational process and innovation. It combines learning and insight to propel the team to acquire best-in-class practices and extend the same to our clients.


Works across levels with the help of standard processes and change initiatives to augment competency and potential.


Encourages talent while facilitating free exchange of ideas and cross departmental collaboration.

TensorGo CoE is an effort in progress to encourage cross functional collaboration that leads to improved business process and stellar growth. We encourage creativity to thrive and let people become agents of change.

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TensorGo Software is an incubator for Research and Innovation in the world of computer science. Subscribe with us and know more.