Our IoT solutions are user driven and collaborative while our platform is agile, flexible and well-organized in terms of integration.

Our expertise and dedicated resources have established IoT to build, deploy, and maintain the appropriate solution.

IoT is a trending technological field that converts any electronic device into a smart one. Our team of IoT experts come with the necessary skillset to develop smart appliances, sensors, wearables and monitoring devices to ease everyday challenges related to our environment.

Internet of Things

Automation and control

At TensorGo, we have international experts in IoT technology, who have worked extensively on many projects in the UK, USA and India. We have all the necessary skills and experience to set up and create solutions for loT products.

Internet of Things involves devices and everyday objects being connected with internet, as a result of which they cannot just communicate with each other but can also be remotely controlled. It has become a core technology for many industries such as home automation and building automation. IoT is also being used extensively in heavy industries where we collect the data from IoT devices and make active decisions on how the machinery is processing the raw material.

The IoT Analytics market size is expected to grow from USD 7.19 Billion in 2017 to USD 27.78 Billion by 2022, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 31.0%. The report segments the market by application, component, analytics type, deployment model, organization size, industry vertical, and region. The major growth drivers of the IoT Analytics market are the need for advanced analytics and automation of businesses.

Why is IoT different?

Makes your world smarter

In order to boost their productivity and transform their business processes, big and small companies are trying to leverage IoT services. IoT, being a network of connected devices embedded in the real world, has become an enabler for better efficiency, precise work models, improved performances, enhanced consumer satisfaction and higher overall revenues. IoT has found its way into just about everything – from building management systems and streetlights to construction machinery, heart monitors and energy and water systems.

So far, we have experienced perhaps two major types of connected devices:

  • Human-facing devices, such as PCs and smartphones and
  • Connected devices embedded within the fabric of our factories, roads, buildings and other infrastructure.

Our Scope / Dimensions

Easier to find parking spaces, revenues from higher parking space utilization, directing employees to the right locations.

Enabling home customers to use IoT-kits to manage and control their energy data and consumption (for savings)

Locate tools, machines or any other object, by combining different sources of location.

Identification for each asset and updating of maintenance records for each one.

Enabling drivers to carry out vehicle checks and help to update and monitor maintenance records (and other features like smarter fuel consumption and reduced emissions planning).

Controlling street lights to save energy and maintain safety.

Controlling street lights to save energy and maintain safety, pushing notifications for accidents, traffic jams.

Safe tracking notifications provided, analysed as fast as possible for safely enhancing real-time power.

What We Offer

Saves time and money

We are experts in IoT application enablement, Device management, Analytics, Cloud storage and Backend Connectivity.

The main purpose of Internet-connected devices has been to enable people to communicate with each other and to access online data and processes. IoT devices generate real-time data that we can analyze and use to create desired business outcomes.

The IoT gateway is compliant with HYPERCAT specification and uses REST interface to connect to cloud applications. HYPERCAT specification allows IoT clients to discover information about IoT assets over the web.

Lessened operating expenses

Reduce costs through automation.

Strengthened security

Detect threats early with video analytics-based surveillance.

Support to e-governance

Foster collaboration and integration across public agencies.

Improved customer satisfaction

Provide reliable and efficient public amenities.

Reduced risks

Foresight and analysis to help you plan well ahead.

Controlled losses

Optimize energy, asset, plug leaks and minimize theft, with smart metering.